Orchids & Plants
Bunny Garden

A green planted arrangement with a mix of succulents and/or plants with a ceramic bunny


Novelty Orchid in White Cube

Colorful Novelty Orchids in a White Cube


Succulent Plant Cubes

Cebolla signature cubes are fantastic gifts filled with easy care succulent plants. Available at $55 and $85


Double White Phalaenopsis in Ceramic Cube

Double White Phalaenopsis in a Ceramic Cube.


Mixed Succulent Garden in Cache Bowl

A unique low white bowl filled with a variety of succulents. Available at $55, $85, and $135.


Succulent Garden in Rectangular Glass

Sleek and modern succulents designed in a glass luminary. Available at $95 and $145.


Indoor Plant in White Pottery

Lovely indoor plants in white pottery. Available at $100, $150, and $200.


Single White Orchid in Ceramic Cube

Single White Orchid in a modern ceramic cube.